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What is the CIM?

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) is a national not-for-profit society for professionals and students in the mining, metallurgy, and oil & gas sectors. The society boasts over 40 regional branches across the country that support their members and communities through networking events, community outreach programs, technical presentations, and conferences.


The CIM Porcupine Branch serves the local mining community in the Timmins area, and was established with three primary goals: to provide networking and professional development opportunities for its members; to recognize excellence and greatness in the community; and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology

School's out

Who is eligible to receive the scholarship?

The CIM Porcupine Branch High School Scholarships are open to Grade 12 students in their final year of study and currently enrolled within one of the following school boards :

  • District School Board Ontario North East ( DSB1)

  • Northeastern Catholic District School Board ( NCDSB)

  • Conseil scolaire catholique des Grandes Rivieres ( CSCDGR)

  • Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est (CSPNE)

Students must be planning to enroll in a Canadian post-secondary institution in a program or discipline related to the mining industry.

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What is the scholarship?

As part of recognizing local excellence and facilitating the exchange of knowledge within the local mining community, we are proud offer a total of $10,000, awarded by merit to Grade 12 students from the Timmins area entering a Canadian post-secondary institution in a program or discipline that is closely related to the mining industry.


Modern mining operations are large, complex, and employ many people with different educational backgrounds. For this reason, our scholarships are open to students entering a mining-related program, including, but not limited to, the following:


• Engineering • Geology • Environmental • Metallurgy • Industrial Hygiene • Human Resources • Automation • Instrumentation • Occupational Health• Health and Wellness Programs


Students will have the opportunity to describe their prospective academic and career paths as part of our application process. We highly suggest that applicants include their reasons for choosing their field of study and describe how it relates to the mining industry.

How to Apply


Application Requirements

CIM Porcupine Branch scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, community involvement, and interest in mining-related programs. Successful applicants must provide transcripts, proof of enrollment, and tuition payment. Changes to chosen programs are subject to review. Deadline for applications is May 1st 2024. For inquiries, email


Application Conditions

Applicants must complete the online form indicating their chosen post-secondary program, submit an official transcript, and provide a 500-word summary of their interest in mining-related fields, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. Applications accepted in English or French, only through the CIM Porcupine Branch website.


Scholarship Application

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